My strength in design lies in thinking about strategy, narrative, hierarchy, flow, concept models, lifecycle mapping, engagement loops, information architecture, etc. Illustrator and Muse are my primary tools for design and prototyping. While I have a design aesthetic (informed by the minimalism of Bauhaus, Russian Constructivism, De Stijl, Mid-Century Modernism and the futurism of designers like GMUNK) I prefer to work with great art directors to help them amplify their work. With a fair understanding of the capacity of multiple coding languages, I work very well with developers.


As one who began his training as storyteller through journalism and design simultaneously – I started thinking about empathy in design really early in my career.  As IDEO has honed in on and refined ideas of human-centered design, I’ve been following along and really believe in this process.


Below are some projects that I designed. The simpler ones I built in Muse (like this one). The complex ones I worked with outside teams to develop.