Respectable humans hire me to ideate and execute creative projects that do well by the world. Please find my reel, bio, and contact info below. Specific projects are at the links above. Thanks for being here.

In my short time on this fair earth, I've been really fortunate to collaborate with great people and create things that, largely, have made a positive societal impact. My mark today is to be accountable, efficient and inclusive. Clients hire me as a creative writer, producer, strategist, designer and/or director of socially responsible content. An entrepreneur and creator at heart, my first business was in second grade. I sold cards and banners made in PrintShop on my dad's Tandy to classmates and teachers.

Since then I've created and executed broadcast, web, photography, design, product, branding, art curation, and community building projects. Working over ten years at Randy Murray Productions ('04-'14), I grew from an intern to serving as the Senior Creative Producer & Director. Highlights of my tenure include shutting down an airport; negotiating the purchase of part of the Grand Canyon for a New York gallery; avoiding death with the creator and EP of the Amazing Race; producing, writing, and cp-directing the feature doc, Mitchell 20; and creating/selling the concept for the Discovery Military show, Edge of War. Host, Supreme Commander Wesley Clark, said it could help lessen enthusiasm for war—which was exactly my intent.

I'm a graduate of Valley Leadership Class 32 and Arizona State University with a Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Study concentrated in the history of avant-garde art in the 20th and 21st Century, business, photography, psychology, and the history of Catholicism in Latin America. In my home community of Phoenix, I founded and co-directed the Produce Art Gallery, and was a founding co-chair of Generation United and the Social Emotional Intelligence Forum. I was also a trustee of the Phoenix Elementary School District Employee Benefits Trust and on the board of Roosevelt Row Community Development Corporation.

Outside of Phoenix, I've lived in San Francisco, Paris, Quito, Monrovia (Liberia), and Johannesburg. I've traveled and worked in 30 US states and 30 countries, and am currently based in New York City.