Respectable humans hire me to ideate and execute creative projects that do well by the world. Please find my reel, bio, and contact info below. Specific projects are at the links above. Thanks for being here.

After working as a student journalist in 2004, Andrew fell in love with storytelling for impact. Between 2005-08 he cut his teeth as a coordinator on The Amazing Race; 3rd AD on the BAFTA-nominated docudrama Eagle Falls; as PM for Discovery and Animal Planet shows; and as the writer/producer/director of marketing videos for impact organizations. This while also story producing The Joe Show documentary, with his mentor turned partner, Director Randy Murray. In 2008, Andrew and Murray began another documentary, Mitchell 20. Andrew produced, wrote, and the two co-directed. Andrew helped raise $550k for this film to cover its 3 year-long production. It was released in 2012 via a theatrical run with AMC Independent and won a regional Emmy for Best Documentary. The same year, Benson sold his original concept Edge of War to Discovery Military. The shows host, General Wesley Clark said it “could reduce enthusiasm for war”, which was exactly its intent. This led to Discovery’s licensing of The Joe Show and a development deal. 

In 2013, Benson moved to San Francisco to pursue this film and set up a creative agency, A Happy Project, where he served as a creative writer, producer, and director on digital products and content projects for startups and NGOs. Chasing his film, Democracy: An Inquiry he spent 2017/18 living in Paris, Monrovia, and Johannesburg before settling down in New York. Today, he works with clients like the BMW Foundation, Patreon, University of Phoenix, b8ta, Tomorrow Lab, Accountability Lab, and Humanity United.

Outside of Phoenix, he's lived in San Francisco, Paris, Quito, Monrovia (Liberia), and Johannesburg. He's traveled and worked in 30 US states and 30 countries, and is currently based in New York City.