Hello again, b8ta!

Thank you so much for looking to me to assist with this. I'd love to hang with you guys in Philly and make pretty pictures together!

Create an exciting video for social that hypes the road show for future cities with the joy of experiencing new products in such a unique setting, told through beautiful imagery. 

Young and urban consumers who are unfamiliar with the brand and the unique experience. 

· :30 marketing video
· 6+ edited high quality stills (24MP)
· Archive of footage for future applications
· All rights​​​​​​​

Creative Treatment
Beautiful timelapses, smiling faces, motion-driven product shots, and sweeping aerials will fill this piece with movement and excitement. Set to fun and fast-paced music—in the same tonal family as other b8ta marketing—and punctuated with sparse and poignant text, we'll make it clear: b8ta is on the move and coming to you with a truly unique experience that you won't want to miss. 

Budget Overview · $10-12.5k
Philly is just about a 2.5 hour drive from NYC so we could combine shoot and travel in a day, leaving 7.5 hours for shooting. I did one estimate based on two shoot/travel days and one full day that's sitting at $12.5k. And one based on two shoot/travel days, which I think would be sufficient for us and that puts us at $10.2k. 

These are not fixed estimates. We can push and pull as needed. The idea here is to provide fodder from which we can dial in the best creative and budget to realize it. Basic budget assumptions are: 
· Budget includes all travel and accomodations. 
· Locations and talent will be provided without additional cost
· Production is broll with natural sound and stills only
· We will use high quality lighting and audio and shoot on a 4k DSLR and 4K drone
· We will use a gimbal on camera for smooth motion
· We anticipate only 1-2 client representatives on set, more may require an assistant and additional monitor
· Producer and client will each retain hard drives with all assets at completion
· Post-Production will include three rounds of reviews, additional reviews will incur additional cost. 
· Post will include light graphics, color and sound
· Music will be licensed for paid media ($35k) at a company size of ~150.

Working Timeline
To be efficient in post-production, I will ask that we set 1 hour reviews over the phone at major milestones, with all stakeholders to capture feedback. Three rounds of review are budgeted.

· Oct 15 · Budget Approved/Deposit Sent
· Oct 18 · Producer sends music options
· Oct 21 · b8ta sends music feedback and map assets sent for animation
· Oct 28 · Producer shares animatic with music and animation
· Nov 1-3 · Shoot 
· Nov 5 EOD· Review #1 
· Nov 7 EOD · Review #2
· Nov 11 EOD · Color/Sound Mix · Review #3
· Nov 13 · Changes/Delivery

Project is a work for hire and not a fixed bid. Client can cancel project at any time and will only be liable for expenditures up to point of cancellation. Through production, any overages will be made known to client before they occur and will require written approval. If there are savings that appear, those will be made known as well with options for reallocation. Work commences with receipt of 50% deposit. 25% is due at close of production. Balance is due upon delivery. And the most important term: we must have fun. Payment of deposit constitutes agreement to these terms.

Thank you, again.
I really appreciate the consideration and would love to make something really exceptional here. I hope this proposal can serve as ample fodder for a more focused conversation that hones in a budget and creative to meet your needs. 

Please do let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to continuing the conversation.