Hello Bosch!

Thank you for looking to me to assist with telling the stories of these workshops and their outcomes. I'd love to help.

Capture the DC workshop and edit it along with footage from Rwanda into a compelling narrative about the outcomes of the workshop.

· 2-3:00 marketing video​​​​​​​
· Archive of interview and broll footage to be used for future applications
· All rights

Cost Estimate · $5.3k
This is not a fixed estimate. I've given us a fair range to edit a documentary-based video from around 8 hours of footage, over three rounds. If there are any savings those will be passed on. If there are overages, you will be alerted before the allocation.

Working Timeline
To be efficient in post-production, I will ask that we set 1 hour reviews over the phone at major milestones, with all stakeholders to capture feedback. Three rounds of review are budgeted.

· April 15 · Review #1 Sent
· April 17 · Feedback due
· April 22 · Review #2 (30m-1 hour Google Hangout w/ real time changes)
· April 23 · Changes/Finishing
· April 24 · Review #3
· April 24 · Changes/Delivery

Project is a work for hire and not a fixed bid. Client can cancel project at any time and will only be liable for expenditures up to point of cancellation. Through production, any overages will be made known to client before they occur and will require written approval. If there are savings that appear, those will be made known as well with options for reallocation. Work commences with receipt of 50% deposit made via wire transfer. Balance is due upon delivery via wire transfer. And the most important term: we must have fun. Payment of deposit constitutes agreement to these terms.

Thank you, again.
I really appreciate the consideration and would love to make something really exceptional here. Please do let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to continuing the conversation.