Hello. And thank you.

There's nothing better than having everything in place, saying this word, and watching magic happen.


· Use video to elevate the brand of NuMat
· Show the science and process in simple manner and contemporary aesthetic
· Position NuMat where it belongs: as a future-focused industry leader.


· Industry and technology leaders 
· Materials science and engineering academics
· Business and technology press


· 2 minute video on the unique value proposition and big vision of the company 
· Digital assets pulled from video (stills, gifs, clips) for social media, website, and press kit 
· Graphic explainer of core technology for sales presentations, website, press kit, or other uses TBD. 
· Archive of interview and facility footage to be used for future applications to be determined.


The aesthetic representation of NuMat at present is good. We want it to be great. For this Apple and Tesla are inspirations. But with NuMat competing against "legacy" technologies, it's important to have a look that points to an aspirational future though is grounded in the practical realities of efficiency and cost. So sharp but not ostentatious. Visionary but not egotistical. We want to present NuMat as a company built on a solid technology, with a confident team, and an inspiring vision that will drive both to keep delivering on NuMat's unique value proposition.

I think the video below for Human Longevity, Inc demonstrates that well. 

Estimate Overview

Below I've put together some ranges to show how budget effects the look, feel and deliverables. Everything in production is fungible so what I like to do is start with a range that feels commensurate with the ROI expected of deliverables and then talk about priorities in terms of assets to feature. 

We feel strongly we need to invest in graphics to communicate the tech to industry leaders properly so you'll find graphic packages in each. What will change with budget is the complexity and number of graphics. 

In terms of other assets, we are working under the assumption that the core narration will be derived from on camera interviews with the CEO, CSO and perhaps one or two others. This could be industry partners or existing clients. Additionally, we'd like to capture facility and production footage including timelapses of the facility in action.

$5-10k · 2k documentary production with mid-range graphics package. 

Here we'll take an extremely focused approach on content production with a very small crew to shoot interviews and footage of the facility and production process over two-days. The footage will feel more documentary than commercial but still very high quality and cinematic. In terms of graphics, we'd likely be looking at taking your existing 2D graphics and making them more consistent and modern.

In post-production, we will license a high quality piece of music for the score, mix and clean audio, and perform a basic color correction to bring the look and feel into a modern, consistent space.

For reference, below are a couple projects I've done on the low end this range without graphics.  

$10-20k · 4k commercial production with mid-range graphics package. 

Here we will take the above and a 4k camera with camera stabilisation (gimbal) to allow for the highest quality imagery and extremely smooth, cinematic shots. We'll also add more lighting tools and slightly increase our crew size to include more support on camera, and lighting so we can have more artistic control of the environments and gain a more filmic look. At this range, we can also increase the number of graphics and do more dynamic overlays of the graphics where they are interacting with practical footage captured. 

In post-production, we will have the same as above but will perform more detailed color correction for maximum control. ​​​​​​​

Below are a couple projects I've done at the top end of this range.
$20-35k+ · 4k commercial production with high-end graphics package. ​​​​​​​

Growing on the above, here we can take the graphics from 2D to 3D and do more graphic overlays-much like what we saw in the HLI video above. At this range, we can also add a day of production to go to partner facilities, rent access, or prop/style the look of a partner facility to better show the end use of ION-X. 

Here we can also take a more scripted approach with narration and have it delivered by a voice over talent - allowing the CEO, CSO and others to plus the narrative of the company, rather than be the sole voices of it. This can lend a little more prestige.

The HLI video shown above is a better analog for what I am presenting at this range but for comparison sake, you can see other videos in this range at andrewjamesbenson.com/director
Thank you, again.

I hope this proposal and the budgets can serve as ample fodder for a more focused conversation. I'd love to learn more about your goals, vision and budget relative to ROI so we can hone in on the best approach to meet your needs.

Please do let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to continuing the conversation.