Hi Storyhunter!

Super excited by the prospect of working together…and tapping into the Storyhunter community to execute a project with a distributed team. Thanks for thinking of me.

· 3-5 m doc-based testimonials that celebrates the power of learning within the unique community that is Udemy
· Utilize distributed team members to maximize the power of the story and it’s look on the screen.

Producer Overview
This sounds like a really fun project that is an amazing fit for me. Education is a passion of mine and I have always sought work related to it which has allowed me the privilege of elevating the stories of practitioners while also satiating my own curiosities about pedagogy and advocating for education in general.

As a founding producer on the Teaching Channel I produced hours of teacher-focused content, I was the producer/co-director of Mitchell 20, an Emmy-winning education-focused doc (it was a regional Emmy but an Emmy no less!), I was also a creative director for edtech brands like PopExpert and Conscious Good, and a commercial producer/director for University of Phoenix and Arizona State University. As such, I have conducted hundreds of interviews to find powerful stories in and around education.
The example provided was very touching and I think we can take that cue and make pieces that are even more powerful...and polished. 

With this project, I will seek collaborators local to the stories as well as outside the US who I can push to do great work while offering a fair wage. My role will be to serve as the champion of the story for the client, the subject(s), and vendor(s) while driving an efficient process all that brings us in on time and on budget.​​​​​​​

· Payments will be made through Storyhunter to vendors, Storyhunter will provide international liability insurance that covers lost footage.
· Personal billing will be 50% up front. 25% at start of production. 25% on delivery. 
· Rates change by market. I have tried to put numbers that I think could work across markets.
· These are not flat bids. Considerations for budget allocations would be best served by having all markets identified from the onset so we can allocate accordingly, based on market costs. Possible savings will be communicated as will potential overages before they happen.
· In all markets we will seek Producer/Shooters who can function as one person bands. I will favor minority vendors where possible.
· Standard kit will be a 4K camera that can shoot in a LOG profile, LED light kit with nice diffusion options, and a sound kit that includes both lav and boom.
· I would recommend that we shoot interviews and broll at the interview location in a half day shoot, then edit for narration. From this we can create a desired shot list that powerful accents the narrative, from which we can coordinate a full broll shoot day. This allows us to ensure we get only the shots that will help move the story. It is also mitigates getting too far on stories/talent that don't work on camera.
· The budget provides for the me to do video chat-based pre-interviews with the local Producer/Shooter. As well as line items for local travel and an assistant if needed.
· Post includes rough cuts x 2, fine cut x 1, color/sound mix, and music for an organization with less than 500 employees and a social spend less than $25k/per video. 


Thank you again for the consideration.