Hello TRU!

Thank you for the consideration here! I'd love to help you capture the excitement of the store openings...and get more time in the presence of Geoffrey. :)


Create an exciting brag video that captures the exciting energy and experiential nature of the new stores.

Primary: Partners and press. Secondary: General audience via social. 

· :90 - 2:00 video 
· 3 versions featuring different partners
· 10+ edited stills (21MP) taken as screen capture from video
· Archive of footage for future applications
· All rights

Creative Treatment
Intimate moments of aw and elation, beautiful timelapses, sweeping product shots, and macro details that sell the experiential nature of the store will fill this piece with movement and excitement. Subtle and fun music with driving action will keep the pace very fresh and key moments—like the open, climax and close—will be punctuated with audio from fun or cute reactions of kids and parents.

To capture usable sound, we'll plant wireless mics in particularly fun areas so we can capture genuine moments of dialog, unobtrusively. The sound from these mics will be sent to both cameras so the operators can point the camera where the excitement is taking place. Using filmic lenses on a cinema quality cameras, we'll embrace a commercial aesthetic but occupy a small footprint. One camera will be on a cinema quality tripod with a long lens to capture genuine moments from afar. The other camera will be on a gimbal to capture dynamic scenes and movements cinematically—like children running from one area to the next, product details, timelapses, and wide shots. 

Overall, we want to convey the genuine excitement filling the space and do so in a manner that feels wholesome, fresh, and contemporary.

Example of Sound Treatment
This is a serious video but is a good example of the sound treatment I'm proposing. Jump to 11:30 for a good analog, where the camera is placed opposite talent to get their faces in full view.

Previous b8ta Work
Both videos were shot by myself with my kit camera which is a lower quality than I am pitching for your project and both were color graded by myself. For your project, I'd like to use a higher quality camera and have the image graded by a commercial colorist. On the brand video, I had an assistant and we shot over a day and a half. On the be@home video, I shot that solo over two and a half days. 

Directorial Work
The first is a commercial I mentioned...which was a blast to make and the whole campaign (which I creative directed and produced included a new site, 3 other spots, and collateral) won a gold Addy. The second is a teaser for a documentary I'm working on. The third is a piece I wrote and directed with an amazing Finnish animator. 

Budget Overview
These are not fixed estimates. We can push and pull as needed. The idea here is to provide fodder from which we can dial in the best creative and budget to realize it. Basic budget assumptions are:
· Crew will consist of Producer/Director, DP, and assistant.
· We will use existing lighting and shoot on a 6k cinema camera (Blackmagic Pocket Cinema) with filmic lenses
· We will use a gimbal on camera for smooth motion
· We anticipate only 1-2 client representatives on set, more may require an assistant and additional monitor
· Stills will be pulled from video.
· Director will man camera with long lens and use a wireless monitor to observe the other operator's work.
· Director, DP, Asst, and Client will all be on walkie talkies to coordinate effectively. 
· Both cameras will have onboard sound and will have 2 lav mics that we will plant at different locations through the day.    
· Budget includes all travel and accomodations. 
· Locations and talent will be provided without additional cost
· Secure onsite storage will be provided for gear.
· Production is broll with natural sound and stills only-no interviews
· Client will assist with signage for release on store exterior and provide staff to assist with securing releases from parents of featured children.
· Producer and client will each retain hard drives with all assets at completion.
· Post-Production will include three rounds of reviews, additional reviews will incur additional cost. 
· Post will include color grading with a commercial quaility colorist. 
· Music will be licensed for paid media ($25k) at a company size of ~150.

Option 1 · NJ + TX · 3 Crew · $34k
With this approach we're putting a lot on a small team, but it's all manageable and will deliver the coverage, assets, and quality you're after. With the sound approach I am pitching, I'd love to add a sound person if we could. This would add about $1500 overall. If we need to go the other way to cut costs, we can lose the extra sound kit, go to a cheaper camera, hire a local shooter in TX, go to a cheaper colorist, or lose the second camera which would then reduce the need for a wireless monitor and trim editing time. 

Option 2 · NJ · 2 Crew · $17k
For reference, I wanted to show what coverage of just the NJ store with myself and an assistant would look like.

To be efficient in post-production, I will ask that we set 1 hour reviews over the phone at major milestones, with all stakeholders to capture feedback. Three rounds of review are budgeted. Our goal would be to finish before the holiday break. 

Project is a work for hire and not a fixed bid. Client can cancel project at any time and will only be liable for expenditures up to point of cancellation. Through production, any overages will be made known to client before they occur and will require written approval. If there are savings that appear, those will be made known as well with options for reallocation. Work commences with receipt of 50% deposit. 25% is due at close of production. Balance is due upon delivery. And the most important term: we must have fun. Payment of deposit constitutes agreement to these terms.

Thank you, again.
I really appreciate the consideration. I'd love to make something really exceptional here and start building a relationship. I hope this proposal can serve as ample fodder for a more focused conversation that hones in a budget and creative to meet your needs. 

Please do let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to continuing the conversation.